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LotMakeModelType1st RegColourFuelTransMOTMileageVAT
PEUGEOT 307 CC - 1997cc 2dr Coupe Nov 2003 (53)SilverPetrolManualNov 201570,098 S
BMW 320CI SE - 2171cc 2dr Coupe Nov 2002 (52)SilverPetrolManual 129,707S
FORD FOCUS ZETEC CLIMATE 116 - 1596cc 5dr Hatchback Dec 2005 (55)SilverPetrolManualSep 201585,422 S
PEUGEOT 207 SPORT HDI 90 - 1560cc 3dr Hatchback Mar 2008 (08)Black DieselManualApr 2016100,675S
FORD FOCUS ZETEC CLIMATE - 1596cc 5dr Hatchback Apr 2007 (07)SilverPetrolManualJun 2015122,097S
FORD GALAXY ZETEC TDDI - 1896cc 5dr MPV Jan 2006 (55)SilverDieselManualAug 201599,014 S
PEUGEOT 307 S - 1587cc 5dr Hatchback Mar 2005 (05)SilverPetrolManualNov 201561,376 S
CITROEN C4 VTR HDI - 1560cc 3dr Coupe Apr 2005 (05)Black DieselManual 94,469 S
SKODA FABIA AMBIENTE 12V HTP - 1198cc 5dr Hatchback May 2007 (07)Red PetrolManual 82,765 S
AUDI A3 SPORT FSI - 1984cc 3dr Hatchback Jan 2004 (53)Grey PetrolManualAug 2015121,179S
MINI COOPER - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback Dec 2006 (56)Black PetrolManualJan 201689,178 S
VAUXHALL CORSA DESIGN - 1229cc 5dr Hatchback Sep 2008 (58)SilverPetrolManualJan 201684,570 S
RENAULT MEGANE DYNAMIQUE 16V - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback Nov 2004 (54)Grey PetrolManualSep 201570,264 S
CITROEN XSARA PICASSO HDI EXCLUSI - 1997cc5dr Estate Aug 2003 (03)Blue DieselManual 173,256S
NISSAN MICRA SPORT - 998cc 3dr Hatchback Mar 2001 (Y) Black PetrolManual 91,713 S
KIA RIO LX - 1343cc 5dr Hatchback Mar 2002 (02)SilverPetrolManualSep 201580,826 S
BMW 323 CI AUTO - 2494cc 2dr ConvertibleMay 2000 (W) Blue PetrolAuto Aug 2015108,104S
HONDA CIVIC SPORT I-CTDI - 2204cc 5dr Hatchback Nov 2006 (56)SilverDieselManualOct 201562,112 S
MERCEDES S320 CDI AUTO - 3227cc 4dr Saloon Jul 2002 (02)Black DieselAuto Jan 2016166,110S
VAUXHALL ASTRA SRI+ - 1796cc 5dr Hatchback May 2006 (06)Black PetrolManualJul 2015126,301S
FORD GALAXY GHIA TDCI 6G - 1997cc 5dr MPV Dec 2006 (56)Grey DieselManualMay 201577,089 S
TOYOTA AVENSIS T3-S D-4D - 1995cc 5dr Estate Dec 2006 (56)SilverDieselManualApr 2016279,167S
MERCEDES C220 CDI AVANTGDE SE A - 2148cc 4dr Saloon Oct 2005 (55)SilverDieselAuto Nov 2015117,443S
FIAT SCUDO JTD EL SWB - 1997cc Van Nov 2001 (51)White DieselManualNov 2015. S
FORD FOCUS ZETEC CLIMATE AUTO - 1596cc 5dr Hatchback Apr 2005 (05)SilverPetrolAuto Jan 201660,376 S
BMW 330D SPORT - 2926cc 4dr Saloon Oct 2002 (52)Black DieselManualMay 2015153,911S
MINI MINI COOPER - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback Nov 2003 (53)YellowPetrolManual 63,110 S
VOLVO V70 D5 SE - 2401cc 5dr Estate Mar 2003 (03)SilverDieselManualFeb 2016168,965S
BMW 118D SE - 1995cc 5dr Hatchback Sep 2006 (56)Blue DieselManualAug 201597,851 S
MINI MINI COOPER - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback Jun 2003 (03)Green PetrolManualDec 201593,821 S
TOYOTA CELICA ST - 1762cc 3dr Coupe Nov 1996 (P) Red PetrolManual 175,855S
BMW 318I ES - 1995cc 4dr Saloon Mar 2007 (07)SilverPetrolManualJul 201544,866 S
VOLKSWAGENPASSAT S TDI 105 - 1896cc 4dr Saloon Dec 2006 (56)Black DieselManualDec 2015114,182S
BMW 116I SPORT - 1995cc 5dr Hatchback Oct 2009 (59)Black PetrolManualOct 201528,926 S
BMW 320D EFFICIENTDYNAMICS - 1995cc 4dr Saloon Jul 2011 (11)Grey DieselManualJul 201514,339 S
TOYOTA RAV4 NRG VVTI - 1998cc 3dr Estate Sep 2002 (52)SilverPetrolManualNov 201584,674 S
VAUXHALL CORSA CLUB 12V - 973cc 3dr Hatchback Aug 2002 (02)Blue PetrolManualSep 201576,150 S
HONDA ACCORD EX I-CTDI - 2204cc 4dr Saloon Mar 2008 (08)SilverDieselManual 97,218 S
VAUXHALL VECTRA ELITE V6 AUTO - 2792cc 5dr Hatchback Sep 2006 (56)SilverPetrolAuto Sep 201561,317 S
BMW 630I SPORT AUTO - 2996cc 2dr Coupe May 2007 (07)Grey PetrolAuto May 201584,593 S
FORD MONDEO TITANIUM X TDCI140 - 1997cc5dr Estate Aug 2009 (09)SilverDieselManualAug 201566,002 S
TOYOTA MR2 ROADSTER VVTI - 1794cc 2dr ConvertibleJul 2000 (W) SilverPetrolManualJan 201668,809 S
BMW 320D SE - 1995cc 2dr Coupe May 2007 (07)Grey DieselManualSep 2015135,356S
AUDI A6 S LINE LE MANS QUATT A - 2967cc4dr Saloon May 2008 (08)Black DieselAuto May 2015101,221S
AUDI A4 S LINE TDI 170 - 1986cc 5dr Estate Feb 2008 (57)Red DieselManualJan 2016131,896S
BMW 330D SE A - 2993cc 2dr Coupe Mar 2007 (07)Grey DieselAuto Mar 2016179,587S
CITROEN C8 SX 16V AUTO - 1997cc 5dr Estate Nov 2004 (54)Beige PetrolAuto Aug 201575,429 S
MG ZR - 1396cc 3dr Hatchback May 2003 (03)Red PetrolManualNov 201576,055 S
MAZDA 2 ANTARES - 1400cc 5dr Hatchback Mar 2006 (06)SilverPetrolManualDec 201566,367 S
SUZUKI SWIFT VVTS GLX - 1490cc 5dr Hatchback May 2007 (07)Blue PetrolManualMay 201562,085 S
PEUGEOT 207 S SW - 1397cc 5dr Estate Aug 2008 (08)Black PetrolManual 93,821 S
RENAULT CLIO EXTREME 16V - 1149cc 3dr Hatchback Sep 2005 (55)SilverPetrolManualSep 201580,300 S
VAUXHALL ASTRA CLUB TWINPORT - 1364cc 5dr Hatchback Sep 2006 (56)Grey PetrolManualSep 201588,934 S
AUDI A4 S LINE TDI 170 - 1986cc 4dr Saloon Mar 2007 (07)Black DieselManualJun 2015144,717S
VAUXHALL CORSA CLUB A/C - 1229cc 3dr Hatchback Oct 2006 (56)SilverPetrolManualFeb 201688,491 S
PEUGEOT 207 S - 1360cc 5dr Hatchback Jul 2006 (06)Black PetrolManualApr 201695,612 S
VAUXHALL CORSA LIFE - 998cc 3dr Hatchback Dec 2007 (57)SilverPetrolManual 58,612 S
MINI MINI COOPER - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback Jun 2003 (03)Green PetrolManualDec 201597,000 S
FORD FOCUS GHIA - 1596cc 5dr Hatchback Jul 2006 (06)SilverPetrolManualMar 201658,590 S
PEUGEOT 206 LX - 1124cc 3dr Hatchback Oct 2002 (52)Red PetrolManualSep 2015100,626S
VAUXHALL VECTRA SRI CDTI 150 - 1910cc 5dr Estate Apr 2009 (09)Black DieselManual 63,207 S
VAUXHALL ASTRA SXI TWINPORT - 1364cc 5dr Hatchback Oct 2005 (55)SilverPetrolManualFeb 201687,595 S
VAUXHALL CORSA ELEGANCE 16V - 1199cc 5dr Hatchback Oct 2002 (52)SilverPetrolManualApr 2016122,843S
FORD MONDEO LX TDCI - 1998cc 5dr Hatchback Mar 2006 (06)SilverDieselManualNov 2015131,563S
SUZUKI SX4 GLX - 1586cc 5dr Hatchback Jun 2007 (07)Blue PetrolManualApr 201546,371 S
VOLKSWAGENBEETLE - 1595cc 3dr Hatchback Sep 2002 (52)SilverPetrolManualOct 201592,533 S
PEUGEOT PARTNER COMBI HDI - 1997cc 5dr MPV Jun 2004 (04)SilverDieselManualMar 2016182,438S
PEUGEOT 206 D TURBO HDI - 1997cc 5dr Estate Sep 2002 (52)Blue DieselManualJan 2016100,658S
VAUXHALL CORSA SXI 16V - 1199cc 3dr Hatchback Mar 2001 (Y) Black PetrolManualMay 2015128,474S
3072VOLKSWAGENTOUAREG SE V6TDI B-TECH A - 2967cc5dr Estate Sep 2011 (61)Black DieselAuto Sep 2015107,693S

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